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To maximize the effectiveness of forest conservation and sustainable forest management initiatives the southern United States.


The Southern Forests Network brings together people across the South who are committed to preserving forests and cultivating sustainable forest-based economies.


We are organizing to:

Provide landowners with the information and support they need to preserve their forestlands and manage them sustainably.

Support foresters, loggers, harvesters, and others who are practicing good forestry and low-impact harvesting.

Support local value-added processing that creates good jobs and keeps the profits from forest harvests in local communities.

Create state and federal policy that supports the conservation and sustainable management of forests


Anyone who shares our goals is welcome to join the Network. For more information, email us.


The Southern Forests Network thanks our donors for their support:

Munson Foundation

Moriah Fund

Blumenthal Foundation

Merck Family Fund


Rainforest Alliance

Forest Management Trust

Northland Forest Products

Forest Guild

Earthaven Forestry Cooperative

Model Forest Policy Program

Land Trust for the Little Tennessee

The Wilderness Society

John Noel

University of the South

Donnie Williams Logging