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The Southern Forests Network (SFN) is focused on shifting our region’s timber industry away from unsustainable forest management, centralized production and external ownership back into the hands of landowners, workers, and local businesses in the South. We are working together to conserve private forestlands and cultivate sustainable forest-based economies by making sustainable forestry accessible and profitable for landowners, workers, and businesses.


 SFN’s ongoing activities include:

  • Publication of a weekly email newsletter that contains news stories, resources, tools, a calendar of events, and other items related to sustainable forestry issues.

  • An annual meeting to bring members together for information and idea sharing, instructional workshops, and field trips.
  • Monitoring information, trends, and activities in sustainable forestry and keeping members informed.
  • Providing support to member activities, such as data compilation and analysis, participating in local strategy development, facilitating collaborations, and assisting with the development of educational materials.

2005 program activities:

Facilitating Forest Stewardship Council Certification in the South

We are working to facilitate FSC certification for forestlands and wood processing, and develop strong regional markets for certified wood products.


Landowner Support

We are developing tools and resources for landowners and forestry professionals, and providing forestland owners in the South with a strong unified voice advocating for sound and profitable forest management and increased support for sustainable forestry.


Opposing Genetically Engineered Trees

We are monitoring the development of genetic engineering in forest plants and advocating for a moratorium on field releases of genetically engineered trees.


Forging Links with Land Trusts

We are working closely with the Land Trust Alliance and the Forest Guild to create stronger links between land trusts and forest managers.

For more information about joining the Network, email or call ( 828-277-9008 ) us.