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The Blue Ridge Forest Cooperative

A Virginia landowner cooperative facilitating profitable 

and sustainable management of private forestlands.


Genetic Engineering in Forestry

Learn more about this critical issue and 

how it affects forestry in the South.

Uneven-age Pine Management

Don & Gary Handley are gurus of uneven-age 

pine management in the Coastal Plains.

The Southern Forests Network is a community of people throughout the South who are working to conserve private forestlands & sustainable, locally-owned forest economies.

We are a network of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, forest-based businesses, loggers, forestry consultants, landowners, and others.



PO Box 941, Asheville, NC 28802    (828) 277-9008    email

Photo credits: Leaf: JA Perry; Forest: JA Perry; Tree Rings, JA Perry; Fire: David Moorhead, University of Georgia,; Buck: US Fish & Wildlife Service; Surveying tree: Chris Schnepf, University of Idaho,; Oyster Mushrooms: Eric Carr, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection,; Logs & Lumber: JA Perry; Pinecone: JA Perry


























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